“Self Defence is NOT illegal!” Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted

KENOSHA - USA - Justice has been served with the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse, who defended himself from BLM thugs who tried to kill him.

It seems there is some justice in the courts these days in America, and unlike in Britain, self defence is not punished. Over in Blighty, criminals are given more rights than their victims, and if anyone breaks into your property, and you kill or injure the assailant who means to do you or your family harm, it is you who goes to jail. In socialist countries like Britain, the onus in law is on the feelings of the criminals, where courts are told to let off serial violent burglars because these people had “hard lives”. There is little or no equivalent treatment towards the victims of crime in the UK. Using a weapon to defend you or your family in Britain is a certifiable criminal offence, punishable with sentences over 10 years in jail.

Kyle Rittenhouse is a free man today, and his freedom says a lot about the right to self defence in the USA. He shot two BLM/ANTIFA thugs mortally, in self defence, during another one of those sanctioned BLM riots where scum are allowed to roam free/loot and cause mayhem in American liberal cities.

If you ever watch the video, it is clear that this guy was defending himself when he was set upon by numerous BLM automatons. BLM agitator, Rosenbaum, who was convicted of having sex with a minor in Arizona in 2002 and was prohibited from owning guns, was one of the BLM operatives shot and killed by Kyle Rittenhouse when he tried to take away his gun. Another BLM idiot raised a pistol at Rittenhouse, but Rittenhouse shot the gun literally out of the idiot’s hand with his AR-15, and took the guy’s fingers with the shot too. The other BLM nasty was correctly neutralised for attacking Rittenhouse as well with a weapon.

Kyle Rittenhouse can now sigh in relief and enjoy the rest of his life knowing that he did the right thing, and had to do what he did purely to survive the vicious BLM onslaught.

It is refreshing to see some form of justice being served in the world today.

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