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The Glory of a Blacked Oscars

LOS ANGELES - USA - Hollywood has never encountered such a colourful Oscars night as the unfettered violence flowed with gusto across TV screens around the globe.

Secretive BLM Directive and Flash Robberies Across Democrat Run States

CALIFORNIA - USA - Socialist-run American states are seeing a spate of flash robberies after the acquittal decision of Kyle Rittenhouse.

No Mention of BLM Man Who Killed and Injured Multiple Innocents...

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - America's liberal socialist media news networks are completely ignoring the Waukesha Christmas massacre by a BLM operative.

Revealed: Darrell Brooks Jr. BLM Activist and Rapper Murdered 5 Children...

WAUKESHA - USA - The driver of the red SUV that ploughed through a Christmas parade of children, killing 5 is BLM activist Darrell Brooks Jnr.

Waukesha Wisconsin 5 Dead, 40 Injured As Car Plows Through Christmas...

WAUKESHA - USA - A car travelling at great speed plowed into a Christmas Parade, severely injuring over thirty people.

“Self Defence is NOT illegal!” Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted

KENOSHA - USA - Justice has been served with the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse, who defended himself from BLM thugs who tried to kill him.

‘Woke’ Athletes Petition For ‘Taking the Knee’ to be New Olympic...

TOKYO - Japan - Woke athletes have petitioned for 'taking the knee' to be officially recognised as an Olympic sport.

Black Lives Matter Wins Euro 2020

WEMBLEY - England - Black Lives Matter have won the Euro 2020 football tournament by losing to Italy on penalties.

BLM: Virtue Signalling ‘White Saviour Complex’ Denigrates Blacks

MINNEAPOLIS - USA - The virtue signalling white saviour complex suffering supporters of BLM and ANTIFA are a taint on the plight of black people.

PROPERTY EMPIRE: BLM Co-founder Profits Off the Misery of Black People

NASSAU - Bahamas - BLM Co-founder, Patrice Cullors enjoys her multi-million dollar properties thanks to donations made from supporters.

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