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LA Flash-Mob Looting Bonanza For ‘Young People’

LOS ANGELES - USA - Nothing to see here folks. Just more 'young people' doing their looting.


“The cops just stood by and watched!” one witness revealed. Flash-mob looting is certainly not something new. These groups of protected individuals are primarily made up of what is called ‘young people’ by the US media.

“It was just ‘young people‘ out shopping,” a local LA news anchor defended.

It is of course strictly not okay or permitted to describe these groups as anything but a bunch of ‘young people’ because that would of course be deemed as ‘racist’ by the politically correct mob who are supposed to control these areas.

“This is a daily occurrence in Democrat-run states and major metro zones. ‘Young people’ are just doing what they do best — looting. I also support Black Lives Matter doing whatever they have to do in our cities. They can come over to my home or business, loot it, burn it down and molest my family. I support them 110%,” Democrat Senator Weiner McCall told a fawning CNN anchor yesterday.

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