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Flash Mob Robberies: Politically Correct American Media Only Sees ‘Young People’ and ‘Mobs of Teens’

BALTIMORE - USA - Anyone who follows the regular reports of the predominantly black flash mob robberies in America, will see how the American media is stuck between a rock and a hard place with regards to how they report these crimes.

Jensen Butler a media analyst for a Baltimore news agency has revealed some insights into the wave of U.S Flash Mob Robberies committed by ‘young people‘ sweeping the nation.

“Under the tenure of president Obama, we have noticed a marked increase in racial tension and these types of flash mob robs; which usually entails a group of twenty to thirty black teenagers converging on a retail store all at once, then taking as much as they can from the shelves and walking out without paying. This is something that strikes fear into any retail store owner because it cannot be controlled. By the time the police come, usually half-an-hour later, they are all gone. The brazen crime, has no qualms about closed circuit television, and the black teens seem to revel in being filmed committing their flash robberies. What is even more odd, is how the media portrays these crimes. The gangs of ‘young people’ and ‘teen mobs’ are actually ‘African Americans’ and anyone in America who hears these news reports knows exactly what they’re talking about.”

The U.S. media, by using the moniker of ‘young people’ or ‘teenagers’ to describe mobs of African American teens committing crimes, does discriminate against all teens of other colours and races. What the term is in fact doing, is lumping teens of all colours with that of black teens, so therefore all young people are looked upon in a negative light as something to be feared. As for law abiding black teens, unfortunately for them, they are also seen in a negative light as well because of the actions of some of these ‘young people’.

The American media obviously has strict regulations under the Obama regime to not report the news in a factual manner, but to gloss over it in a public relations exercise that actually does more damage to journalism than if events were reported correctly.

“These are essentially guerrilla tactics used to terrorise store owners and people in general, like a mini riot. They organise quickly through some form of social media, then hit the store, then disperse quickly. Law enforcement cannot do anything about them, and this is why it is such an effective way of conducting operations on retail stores. What’s more, these ‘young people’ are supposedly invisible, as the media refuses to even mention their appearance. It’s a perfect crime because they have impunity to continue at their will,” a security analyst in Chicago revealed.

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  1. I would implore any concerned individual regarding these mobs to read the important and timely article "The Anatomy of A Wilding Mob" at http://jerrywalkerspeaks.wordpress.com; at http://education views.org (type in the title in the search box located in the upper right hand corner; at http://scribd.com and on numerous other websites throughout the internet.

    This very serious phenomenon is and has been ignored by the mainstream media and by national elected politicians.

    It will only get worse if more direct action and attention is not focused to stop it,

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