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Zuckerberg Takes Daily Money Showers Wife Reveals

PALO ALTO - USA - Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has got so much money that he physically showers in it every day his wife has revealed in a remarkable insight into the multi-billionaire's life.

“In the morning’s he will go out to the chicken coop, maybe get some fresh eggs from a hen, not golden ones, but real eggs, then he goes to his specially designed shower room and the money washes all over him filling the shower cubicle. This is how he always looks so rejuvenated. Every money shower costs over $35 million but he says it’s worth it. I tried it once myself and I was astounded at the remarkable rejuvenating powers a money shower has,” Zuckerberg’s wife, Priscilla Chan told Tech Wired magazine in a recent article.

Yesterday alone, a massive Facebook share price jump netted Zuckerberg more than $3.8 billion, not bad for someone who looks so young.

“You gotta hand it to Zuckerberg, he’s got more money than about twenty Third World countries put together. Let him enjoy it while the bubble is still intact,” a Wall Street analyst said whilst looking at the vertical stock price on a screen.

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