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UK Elections Will Be Real EU Referendum Say Experts

LONDON - England - There is a misconception in politics that voting for an outsider party is effectively a vote to let in one of the two primary parties who dominate all UK politics. Well, the 2015 election could be a defining moment for the British electorate according to some political experts.

“Under the current British electoral ‘first past the post’ system it is very hard for a third party to attain a majority in parliament therefore this is why there is a situation in the United Kingdom where all politics is defined by two stale parties, who have in all senses outlived their effectiveness. Not only is there little choice for the voter with Labour and Conservative politics, but these two supposedly different parties have actually blurred the line as their policies are so similar to each other. The Conservative government of today is essentially a socialist form of conservatism, and the Labour party is predominantly socialist with elements of conservative policy. If you vote for any of the two, you will get a socialist government who will keep Britain in the EU and integrate it further by adopting the single European currency. Prime minister David Cameron is a staunch europhile as is David Miliband of Labour. Now David Cameron has promised an In/Out EU referendum in 2017 if he is elected, but the real referendum will occur in 2015 and the people will be truly tested as to if they want to stay in the EU. By voting for Conservative or Labour, you will effectively seal the UK’s fate, but if you vote for a third party, Britain may still survive. What is the third party? UKIP, is their name and there is only one way they can get into power and that’s by the majority of Labour and Conservative voters voting for UKIP. Could this event ever happen? Probably not, therefore you can kiss the UK and pound sterling goodbye and welcome the euro, as well as full Brussels ownership of Britain,” a Westminster insider revealed.

Trying to get Tory or Labour voters to vote for an alternative option which would save the U.K. from Brussels could be a major problem, one also has to consider the massive influx of EU and Third World citizens into the UK under the previous Labour government. Peter Mandelson himself admitted that Labour utilised an open door immigration policy during their thirteen year reign, purely to garner votes and mess up the cultural identity of the UK. If Labour wins the election, then the so-called EU referendum earmarked for 2017 will be scrapped. If the Conservatives win, then David Cameron will make sure the show referendum will go his way.

2015 will thus be the real referendum, and if the people want to be finally defeated by Brussels, they will vote for their defeat.

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