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Think Tank: Build Back Better by Impoverishing Population

LONDON - England - Build Back Better, is the slogan which is part of the Great Reset agenda implementation.

Suppressing the economies of G7 economies so that eco targets can be reached is all part of the larger Great Reset.

By making everything more expensive for consumers by pushing up inflation, consumers eventually stop consuming. This contraction will be the new norm for the future. The goal is ultimately to impoverish people to the state of complete reliance on the state led eco drive dreamt up by globalist think tanks in darkened rooms.

There is no restitution, there will be no relief for the masses constantly attacked from all angles. Whether the medicine is forced starvation through impossible food price hikes, or traditional fossil fuel hikes, or through destitution via virus lockdowns, these deliberate planned operations are mere shakedowns designed purely to transfer wealth from the ordinary citizen to the machines of power.

Naturally, when the populace is squeezed to the limit, some quarters will push back. Luckily for the powers stripping the populace of their means for basic survival, the majority of the population are terminally brainwashed to obey authority at all costs, even if it is evident they are being overtly suppressed and robbed of their livelihoods.

The tragedy of the situation is that the population could halt their own demise within a few hours if everyone targeted stood up and acted, however the majority are either not aware, or too scared to act. Tax slavery amongst the cash cows is entrenched beyond any metric.

Imagine a man being turned upside down and all the contents of his trousers emptied onto the floor.

The post-consumerist age will be powered by AI, and it will not need you. It is possible therefore that the populace who have had all of their wealth stripped, will be given a measly monthly stipend to stop them rioting. Basic Universal Income will thus be the solution to a redundant work force who have been disenfranchised and robbed of their means to support themselves. Add in the variables of a top down ageing population within many Western nations and the terminal decline of private equity — the Great Reset/Build Back Better global solution wins every time.

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