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Sadiq Khan’s Wonderful London Where 87-Year-Old Pensioners in Mobility Scooters Are Butchered

LONDON - England - The cold-blooded murder of an 87-year-old pensioner has gone unnoticed by Sadiq Khan.

What can we say about Sadiq Khan’s horrific London of today? The traffic jams rarely move, the polluted streets are filled with muck, the brutal daily violence is ignored and the inflation is so high people can barely survive.

Whoever voted for a second round of Sadiq Khan as London Mayor is complicit in murder, violent assaults, burglaries and a negligence of duty never witnessed before.

What brings a human to kill in cold blood an 87-year-old pensioner toddling on in their mobility scooter? Should these creatures even be called human, let alone animals? Animals, for a start, are far more noble creatures, and only act out of instinct.

London is now a cesspit of inequity, a forlorn nightmarish piss ridden expensive Portaloo of overflowing putrefying excrement. At least the Victorians had the courtesy to sweep the horse shit off the roads, but Sadiq Khan, an eternal disgrace, has turned London into a bloodied mess where every day the pavements are littered with needles, chewing gum, fag butts, used condoms, vomit, junk food wrappers, used toilet paper, blood splatters, and odd body parts from the latest gang violence.

The roaming marauding gangs make many parts of the city uninhabitable. If you are unlucky enough to venture into these areas, say goodbye because no one will come to your aid.

It does not matter if it is broad daylight, the police will not turn up, and ambulances usually take over two hours to turn up, if ever.

There is no redemption, there is no solution given. Instead, the victims are pilloried or arrested for daring to protect themselves. The horrifically unjust laws in Britain mean that anyone who defends themselves from an attacker, either in their own homes or in public, are liable for the safety of their attacker.

The attacker could kick your home’s door down and barge into your bedroom wielding a machete or gun. If you stop the attacker from killing you and your family, then you will be charged and sent to prison.

This is the level of socialism within the British legal system that makes it okay for scum to continue doing what they do every day.

Why be bothered? Committing crime pays very well in Britain today.

The piece of shit who murdered that 87-year-old man if caught will only get 6 months in a prison at most and will soon be out to commit more heinous acts of violence, courtesy of the British legal system.

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