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We Reveal the Front Cover For “The Daily Squib Anthology 2007 – 2022”

LONDON - England - We are proud to reveal the front cover for our first book, "The Daily Squib Anthology 2007 - 2022".

The Daily Squib newspaper will soon have its first book published. Today, we can finally reveal the front cover art work for the book. The Daily Squib Anthology 2007 – 2022 will soon be available in all book stores online and offline. The book will be a historical satirical anthology of our work on the internet during the formative stage of its development.

The DS has been a part of internet history since 2007, and witnessed the comings and goings of many presidents, prime ministers and celebrities. We have seen the changes on the internet and ideally grew up on here along with the multitude of people and companies who participate on this incredible communication medium called the World Wide Web.

Compiling this anthology has been both a challenge and a daring journey into the world of physical publishing. The amount of work conducted both in creating our site and articles daily as well as the book is astonishing. It was well worth the work, though.

We were there, we saw what happened, and we satirised internet history as it developed. We saw the news as it happened and channelled the Juvenalian scribe from 2,500 years ago to mix into the modern technical age of the 21st Century.

The Daily Squib Anthology 2007 – 2022 will be released soon

  Daily Squib Book

  DAILY SQUIB BOOK The Perfect Gift or can also be used as a doorstop. Grab a piece of internet political satire history encapsulating 15 years of satirical works. The Daily Squib Anthology REVIEWS: "The author sweats satire from every pore" | "Overall, I was surprised at the wit and inventedness of the Daily Squib Compendium. It's funny, laugh out loud funny" | "Would definitely recommend 10/10" | "This anthology serves up the choicest cuts from a 15-year reign at the top table of Internet lampoonery" | "Every time I pick it up I see something different which is a rarity in any book"
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The definitive book of Juvenalian satire and uncanny prophesies that somehow came true. This is an anthology encompassing 15 years of Squib satire on the internet compiled and compressed into one tiddly book. Buy the Book Now!

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