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Biden Announces Inflation Reduction Act to Increase Inflation

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Joe Biden is introducing an Inflation Reduction Act to increase inflation and stifle the economy.

Joe Biden says he will introduce the Inflation Reduction Act so that America is further bankrupted and inflation continues to rise daily.

“I’m giving $369 billion of your taxpayers’ money back to you so you are forced to spend your money on lame projects that bleed money but are supposed to address the climate crisis. You will have to buy a heat pump which is highly expensive, inefficient and breaks down constantly. Service repairs for heat pumps will cost your families huge amounts of money you won’t have, therefore you will be stuck in winter with no heat. It’s either getting a huge repair bill or feeding your family. Hey, I’m Joe Biden, I’m giving you that dire choice. Also, I am putting your taxpayers money into clean energy eco companies that will suck up the cash within a year or two then go belly up. How good is that? Just think, American folks will give these young eco entrepreneurs tonnes of cash in government subsidies and handouts, so they can live lavishly for a year or two before they get their begging bowls out once again.

“I’m also going to make damn sure to tax large companies in the US within an inch of their lives, so either they will leave these shores permanently, or divert all of their money to offshore accounts in places like Belize, Panama and the Cayman Islands. Because of my stupid policies, America will become not only an expensive place to do business, but due to my actions, inflation will increase by about 40%.

“What you think about that folks? Jibboom, dinga, dinga, mumble, mong fart!”

As Joe Biden turned around from the podium making his stupid announcement, he shook hands with the air for the fourth time this month. He then patted the air behind him and excused himself as he walked into a wall.

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