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World Economic Forum Introduces ‘Minus Net Zero’

LAKE LUGANO - Switzerland - The World Economic Forum has announced Minus Net Zero, which is an even more severe form of eco-fascism than regular Net Zero.

Zero for you fucker, that’s what you deserve from the World Economic Forum’s Klaus ‘Himmler’ Schwab.

“It’s not only Net Zero, we want Minus Net Zero. You, you fucking serf, you do not deserve to own a car, you do not deserve to own a house, you do not deserve to own anything. You do not deserve to produce carbon emissions, you do not deserve to breathe. Net Zero is NOT ENOUGH! We want MINUS NET ZERO for complete assurance. You are a carbon life form, you create carbon waste, you are a burden on this planet. You will NOT survive, you do not deserve to utter a single breath, you do not deserve to breed, you do not deserve anything but cancellation, liquidation. We will make it so, we will make you so woke and mentally unstructured under our fundamental control that you will feel ashamed of your own existence. When we click our fingers, you will delete your carbon footprint forever, because this earth does not belong to you. This earth only belongs to the elite and their children. We will eat grass fed organic Filet Mignon, we will live in luxury, we will travel the globe in our private jets, we will complete our dreams, and we will own everything including your very own soul, your pathetic minds are ours to own, your assets are under our full control, and we see only a future of Minus Net Zero for you…scum of the earth!”

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