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THE GREAT RESET: Preparing Yourself For the New Feudalism

THE EU - People need to start preparing for the new feudalism - The Great Reset. This ideological concept will be a time of great change.

The West is increasingly subverting and rescinding the political ideology of democracy, simply because for the elites it has become unmanageable and too messy. Elections currently are nothing but a farcical theatre to appease voters who are too dumb to see that they will simply get more of the same as before. Of course, there will be some small variations on what is delivered post-election, but these days even the tiny variations are a laughable joke. This is why a technocratic or technical scientific feudalism will eventually be introduced to supersede the failed ideologies of the past. It will be called the Great Reset.

The World Economic Forum and Bank For International Settlements have other ideas for the Western populace, and this is quite conveniently called The Great Reset or variations of the concept, which essentially will mean feudalism, led by the feudal lords who have enriched themselves throughout the years of capitalism off the backs of the populace.


The feudal lords plan on a 2030 endpoint for The Great Reset where anything that had once been a product was now a freely available service, obviating any need for personal ownership of goods or real estate. In essence, if you held any wealth, property, land before the Great Reset, it will all be amalgamated into the collective and freely available to anyone who wishes. Only high-end billionaires will be exempt to their property being effectively confiscated by the state, but even they will have to give small portions of their wealth away to the collective.

In a sense, the new feudalism will not be giving fiefdom of property to peasants as in the Middle Ages but will be taking away all ownership of property from individuals to be freely distributed and used by the collective irrespective of one’s labour in creating one’s previous wealth or material possessions. Therefore, the poor man who never worked a day in his life will enjoy the same available material resources or possessions as someone who worked very hard in their life to acquire wealth and material possessions. Naturally, because of the collectivisation, and the previous wealth of individuals being watered down, the Great Reset will essentially impoverish not only the previously rich people but the previously poor. Because everything will be publicly available to anyone, all wealth will thus be watered down to a level of base poverty.


The concept is borne from the utopian desire to eradicate the so-called “lifestyle diseases, climate change, the refugee crisis, environmental degradation, completely congested cities, water pollution, air pollution, social unrest and unemployment” which are inherently due to “overpopulation” but the engineers of the Great Reset would never mention that word because it is too contentious and at the end of the day they are too cowardly to do so in public.

Will there be any alternatives to the Great Reset, or one could call it the Great Poverty? Yes, but it may involve you living your life in a brutal totalitarian area of the globe like Russia, N. Korea, Iran or China. The Great Reset will of course be a totalitarian regime, but it will be painted as something more utopian and idealistic, which of course caters for the environment. The eco-cultists of today one sees blocking roads and pouring red paint over masterpiece paintings in galleries will love the Great Reset because everyone will be impoverished to a state of hopeless loss but be told that they are now happy to be in this state.

GREAT RESET4 the great reset

Governments in the West are already forcing citizens to get e-meters installed in their homes so that energy use can be controlled and cut off at any time. Cashless societies are being embraced, and in many retail stores cash is now frowned upon. By having a cashless society or microchipping humans for financial transactions, the controlling body of feudal lords can cut off any individual who does not comply with the Great Reset. This level of control will almost always guarantee compliance, or the peasant will not be able to feed themselves or their families or keep themselves warm in the winter.

The Great Reset will be a time of huge upheaval to people who value their freedom, but for the majority of woke people, ecoactivists, socialists, Marxists and communists, it will be a welcome ideology where all citizens would share everything in a state of habitual permanent poverty — that is, apart from the few feudal lords who will enjoy extreme lavish lifestyles full of luxury and have the ability to extend their lives with the finest medical technology available. Organic filet mignon in palaces replete with the finest riches and art plundered from the Untermensch.

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