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Chinese Communist Style Credit Score Global CBDC System by WEF and BIS

BRUSSELS - EU - The WEF and BIS, along with the EU, are planning to roll out a global credit score and CBDC system modelled on communist China.

Recently, Nigel Farage was cancelled from the banking system because of his political views and role in Brexit, and this is now a prevalent form of cancellation that is taking place in the Western banking system infected by woke Marxist politics.

Global Collectivist Marxist Great Reset

If you are a free market capitalist and a person who values freedom, the future is looking even more dystopian and nightmarish than ever before. The BIS (Bank for International Settlements), EU, UN and the WEF (World Economic Forum) headed by Klaus Schwab is coming out with a monetary digital token system called the global CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). This CBDC will incorporate all of your assets, whether monetary, home, cars. It will also be linked to the central bank globally, where your entire assets will be tokenized as CBDC coins. If you, however, do not play ball, and have a mind of your own, or are a person who values privacy, you will be deemed as a subversive and receive a poor social credit score.

This will be a world where the likes of Dylan Mulvaney will have all the money thrown at them, however anyone else will get the short end of the stick. Naturally, the system will be snapped up by the masses purely on the precept of ease of use. When you can buy and sell a home or car with a few clicks on your smartphone, the plebs will take to it like a bunch of bluebottle flies on a spicy dog shit festering on a pavement. They will then be locked into a system which will essentially bleed them dry, and have a social credit score hanging over their heads wherever they go, and be judged on every action they commit forever.

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Argentina to pay IMF with yuan as Brazil readies CBDC

India negotiates cross-border CBDC payments with global central banks

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Global alignment with communist China

This global CBDC system which is in the roll-out phase globally is modelled on the CCP social score system where citizens who are marked as not communists, or disagree with the state in any way are given low social credit scores. If you have a low social credit score in China today, you are banned from certain things like for example buying a plane ticket, or enrolling at a school, or even buying food.

The CBDC will be rolled out slowly in phases and not be announced officially, much like smartphones were rolled out globally.

One man who explains the coming nightmare is a financial expert called George Gammon on YouTube, who can explain the new upcoming system better than we could ever hope to do. Please watch his video below.

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  1. I cannot wait for the global banking system to take away all my assets because frankly, I think I own too many things anyway. My privilege sickens me. I want them to speed up the Great Reset so that everyone apart from the elite are impoverished and live in a communist tyranny.

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