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Revealed: Darrell Brooks Jr. BLM Activist and Rapper Murdered 5 Children at Christmas Parade

WAUKESHA - USA - The driver of the red SUV that ploughed through a Christmas parade of children, killing 5 is BLM activist Darrell Brooks Jnr.

Darrell Brooks Jr. had written about the Kenosha, Rittenhouse verdict on his Facebook page, and as a BLM activist and career criminal, saw his actions of ploughing through a Christmas Parade of children and elderly white Americans as justice for his perceived injustice of the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal.

This was a racist act, a black man targeting white people. Racism goes all ways, and is not just about white people being racist against dark people, it can be black people against other black or brown people or black people against white people.

According to police records, Darrell Brooks Jr. has quite a long rap sheet, and was still out on bail when he committed his latest crime of killing 5 children and injuring over 40 others by driving his SUV at speed into the Christmas parade crowd.



Due to the insane levels of anger that these BLM people have, it is granted that even more of these terrible incidents will occur as more unhinged BLM operatives let loose to commit their dirty deeds against their ultimate enemy — white people.

Rioting and looting at any form of perceived injustice committed against black people specifically by whites, there is a serious racial soup of hatred being mixed up in a cauldron of shit in America, simply because many black people do not have the capacity to catch up to the white population. Even Asians and other races that come to America start up successful businesses and careers in a short period of time, because they are capable, whilst blacks are left behind. It is obviously frustrating for many African Americans, who can only see crime as their way forward, or sports, or rapping. That’s it though.

It can only be hoped that one day something is done to appease the African American population peacefully, maybe the U.S. government should give them their own area of America, so they can fuck that up too with drugs and crime. Despite a massive proliferation of Affirmative Action, African Americans still cannot get ahead.

Maybe a civil war is the only way forward to finally put America on the right path, because to have this constant thorn in its side is killing the nation from the inside. Give African Americans their Independence Day, give them their own place to govern themselves how they wish, hell, they can even call it Wakanda if they so wish. Sure, they will soon be asking for financial assistance and food aid after a short while, but the problem will be supplanted to another zone far away from others who can actually succeed in life.

America is now standing at its eternal crossroads…

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