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Revealed: Darrell Brooks Jr. BLM Activist and Rapper Murdered 5 Children...

WAUKESHA - USA - The driver of the red SUV that ploughed through a Christmas parade of children, killing 5 is BLM activist Darrell Brooks Jnr.

Not Cricket Anymore: Yorkshire Cricket Club Marred by “White Flight”

YORKSHIRE - England - The phenomenon of white flight has been witnessed at the Yorkshire Cricket Club as dozens of board members and the CEO have left, after a racism scandal.

Black People Feel Protective Over Meghan Markle

LOS ANGELES - USA - For many black people, Meghan Markle is their champion, and they feel protective of her from all the vitriol.

African Americans in Their Woke Ascendency Inherit a Nation On the...

BALTIMORE - USA - African Americans are now given prominence over any other race in America, however their pyrrhic Woke victory is a curse in itself.

Autopsy: George Floyd Died From Fentanyl and Blocked Arteries Not Cop’s...

MINNEAPOLIS - USA - An autopsy on career criminal George Floyd reveals police officer Derek Chauvin was not cause of death.

Beijing Using Race to Divide and Conquer the West

BEIJING - China - Chief policy technicians in the CCP are utilising Woke race techniques to divide and conquer the West. To demoralize nations creating division and hatred.

Silicon Valley Having Hard Time Fixing Racist AI

CALIFORNIA - USA - Silicon valley AI and robotics developers are having a hard time fixing racist AI.

Queen of California Dominates From Cattle Class on Airline

SACRAMENTO - USA - It seems the Queen of California has a lot to say when she is flying in cattle class.

Ironic That BLM ANTIFA Heroes Karl Marx and Engels Thought Blacks...

PORTLAND - USA - Why do BLM and ANTIFA hero worship Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels when they detested black people, describing them as no less than animals.

Activists: White People Wearing Black Virus Masks is Racist

WASHINGTON - USA - BLM activists have declared that white people who wear black masks for protection against coronavirus are racist.

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