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African Americans in Their Woke Ascendency Inherit a Nation On the Cusp of Death

BALTIMORE - USA - African Americans are now given prominence over any other race in America, however their pyrrhic Woke victory is a curse in itself.


You can have America, its cities in turmoil, riots everywhere, mass killings, homeless cities, deserted streets. African Americans in their ascendency have now inherited a land they have modelled to accommodate themselves, of course to the detriment of everyone else.

African Americans and the Wokerati think they have won the war, and maybe they have. Everywhere in the media now is a celebration of black hip hop R’n’b culture, it has taken over every facet of modern life. Blacks are now shoehorned into important employment positions whether they are qualified or not, and all films are now exclusively full of black actors, adverts, billboards, whatever.

The education system today is now one of Marxist political cultural indoctrination, where young children are portioned off into little groups according to the grade of their skin colour, and indoctrinated in these groups that if they are pale skinned they should hate themselves, and their history.

The black victory is however a pyrrhic one, where they are left with little or nothing for their enjoyment. Their cities are still shit holes, and everyone of value left a long time ago. No one watches the myriad of black films farted out of desperate Woke film studios, and they are forgotten almost as quickly as they are expelled from the strutting anuses of the Woke virtue signalling champagne socialist white producers.

Whatever happens, there still will be ‘white flight’ and many curse these people when they are in the privacy of their own homes, something the Wokerati cannot stop in any circumstances.

If racial change is to come, it has to come naturally — not by force!

When everything is about race, it just gets tedious and tiresome, there is no other point of view, no other subject explored, with these people everything is about racial politics and if you don’t like it they will cancel you. Cancel enough and what do you have left — nothing.

At the end of the day, these people have driven everyone else away, and there is certainly no balance in any of their actions. In fact, they claim they are anti-racist but are in fact as racist as the people that were in the ascendency before them. It is a vicious circle of repetition that brings about more hatred and racism every time.

People cannot be forced to like people they detest, they cannot have cultural Marxism pushed down their throats every day without simply leaving and never coming back. What happens then? The actions of the Woke have actually created more discord, division and hatred than there was before. Bravo!

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