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The Vile Protestations of Innocence From an Entitled Black Actor

LONDON - England - Celebrated by the champagne socialist luvvies, Noel Clarke, has over 20 women claiming he allegedly sexually abused them, but he is now bringing out the race card in protest.


There’s no smoke without fire, and when 20+ women come out concerning sexual abuse from a protected black actor, the race card is the only defence from the likes of scum like actor Noel Clarke. Once celebrated by the Wokerati champagne socialist luvvie club, now a pariah with only a dodgy tattered race card to play in his defence.

“Black actors in showbiz were given a free pass, doors were opened for them, and some of them abused their positions. Pieces of shit like Clarke are only too prevalent, and this is the price people pay for letting animals like this to run wild,” an undisclosed film worker revealed.

No doubt putrid detritus like Clarke will be fully reprieved for his alleged abuses on young women by the media and champagne socialist actors’ equity card holders.

In YouTube-land another black celebrity has been caught out, this time a grossly obese black man calling himself EDB445 (Eat Dat Pussy 445) who was caught out arranging to meet a 13-year-old white girl, even sending pictures of his shit to what he thought was easy prey. Turned out that the 13-year-old girl was actually a paedophile hunting group, and the meeting was filmed in 4k. Naturally, YouTube defended the child predator because if you’re black you are now a protected individual whatever crimes you commit.

There is one rule for black people now, and a rule for the rest. Protected in every way, given vast privileges over everyone else, and allowed to commit as many crimes as they want without prosecution or reprisal. This is not ‘equality’ but supremacy.

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