Biden’s Marxist 4-Year-Plan to Soak the Rich

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Joe Biden, has uncovered a massive tax scheme to take millions from America's rich to redistribute to those too lazy to work.

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Many of the champagne socialist Democrats who installed Biden into power one way or another, will have a rather unpleasant shock to their bank accounts soon when the IRS comes wielding a very large truck to siphon increased taxes into its coffers, so the money can be redistributed to those who are too lazy to work or achieve anything with their lives.

Joe Biden's $4.7 Million Virginia Mansion
Joe Biden’s $4.7 Million Virginia Mansion

“We are going to tax the rich out of existence, and redistribute the wealth to the undeserving lazy uneducated masses who have never probably worked an honest day’s work in their lives. Call it a gift from your friendly Uncle Joe. Excuse me, yes, okay, Barack, okay, I’ll add that in as well. Ahem, I just got news through my earpiece, we want to make change in America for the good, so that everyone has a little money equally. That’s what equality in socialism means folks, equality in misery, and poverty,” Joe Biden revealed in his latest speech on the subject on Wednesday.

joe-biden-delaware beach house $3.8 million
Joe Biden’s Delaware Beach House $3.8 million

The Biden “American Families Plan” is set to propose giving the IRS more funds ($80 billion) in order to increase their auditing capabilities to crack down on tax evasion by high-earners and large corporations, but they will be ordered to steer clear of Biden’s son Hunter, and his family’s Burisma plus China affairs.

joe-biden-wilmington $4 million
Joe Biden’s Wilmington Mansion $4 million

“The IRS is going to check all of you with some serious audits, but the Biden family is off limits. That Burisma cash I got in the basement, you know the ‘big guy’s 20%’ will not be audited, because I never declared it. That’s why the Biden’s live in such massive mansions with unlimited cash at our disposal. You may ask, how did a lowly Senator get such large wealth on a government salary? Well, don’t ask! And don’t mention my son’s clandestine deals with the Chinese companies linked with the CCP, that’s strictly off limits too. Thank you suckers, enjoy handing over your millions, you can be assured we will waste every cent of it!”