“Hyuck, Pops, When Can I Move the Money Bags Into the White House?”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Hunter Biden cannot wait to get into the White House when his dad becomes President.

biden and son

President Joe Biden’s wonderful son, Hunter is set to have his own room in the White House and cannot wait till he moves in next week.


“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Hyuck, hyuck! I just can’t wait to move in with pops, so we can carry on with the dirty China deals and Burisma,” Hunter quipped in between sucking on his crack pipe.

Hunter will be given his own room in the White House, and an additional office where he can phone China to set up dodgy money laundering operations.

“The Big Guy always gets 10%, but I’m a bit worried because he’s now asking for 60% of all takings, and that’s gonna hurt my crack money,” Hunter pondered.

As for the prostitutes and underage jail bait, they will be ushered into Hunter’s quarters from a tunnel entrance into the White House.

“That’s the good thing about the White House, it has all these secret entrances and tunnels. Perfect for smuggling crack dealers and prostitutes in. I even found Bill Clinton’s secret room where he used to do Monica in. There were stains on the ceiling. How the hell did Bill shoot up all the way up there?”