Trump and Team Completely Purged From Internet

SILICON VALLEY - USA - President Donald J. Trump has been completely erased from the internet by the Big Tech monopoly companies working in concert with each other.


They’ve done an Infowars on President Trump, completely erased his presence from the internet.

What we know of the internet these days is a series of monopoly companies controlling all facets of business/commerce/human thought/communication.

Twitter Facebook Instagram Google YouTube Amazon Shopify etc have all worked in concert to erase anything to do with Trump, including those under White House employ and even his attorneys.

This purge is unprecedented and has never been done on an acting U.S. President ever but also shows the world who really wields the power now — not governments or the judiciary any more.

Free speech portal, Parler’s app was also banned from Google and Apple’s app stores.

The worst part of this nasty anti-free speech exercise is that Trump and his government are powerless to act. Trump could invoke the Insurrection Act but is too much of a coward to do so sadly. As the Big Tech companies are acting under orders from the CCP and America has now been completely infiltrated by foreign powers, the current President would be justified in invoking the Insurrection Act now.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Obama, who orchestrated most of this is giggling his ass off like a hyena on steroids.

Trump = four years of punishment from the Marxists + election stolen + erased from internet before being booted out in disgrace

It just doesn’t get worse than that.

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