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Drone Robberies: Coming to Your City Soon?

CHICAGO - USA - Could drone technology be used to mug people in the streets?

Drones can be used for a lot of things, and we have especially seen some innovative things happening with drones in the war fields of Ukraine, but could they be used as a means of mugging people in cities? Drone robberies happening all over cities of the future could be a reality.

Think about it, it makes sense to a criminal. There is a certain element of detached anonymity to the entire affair, as well as being potentially very lucrative, as well as minimising any chance of arrest.

Drones with guns mounted have been around for years, so there is nothing new there at all.

The Bird of Prey is an agile, compact and fully stabilized weapon system for drone platforms, designed to enhance infantry squad lethality beyond its detection and engagement range with stand-off warfare capabilities.

Bird of Prey enables fast and accurate engagement against a low signature enemy in various non-line-of-sight combat activities including urban and force protection scenarios. The lightweight and foldable system is designed to be carried, deployed and operated by a single soldier, fitting into an infantry backpack.

The Bird of Prey drone-mounted system interfaces directly with the gunner, designed for integration with the Battle Management System (BMS) and supports swarm attacks in the future dynamic battlefield. The system supports a range of modular multi-role and multi-caliber armaments while maximizing flight time and mission length.

Bird of Prey features advanced algorithms and autonomous capabilities including integrated autonomous target recognition (ATR) to detect, classify and track targets within the field of view (FOV) day and night.

Let us of course hope this scenario of drone robberies does not ever happen, and if it did, thankfully drone jamming technology would put a stop to that for a while. Technologically savvy criminals would obviously try to get around any such jamming attempts.

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  1. Technology is all very well, but as always there’s always a downside to most of these new fangled gadgets
    Smartphones need apps, apps need your personal information to work.
    Internet of Things, ditto.
    Keyless cars, simple to hack into
    Smart motorways – yes, great idea just so long as you don’t have a breakdown and no hard shoulder to fall back on.
    smart meters – now to be used as form of dynamic pricing based on demand.
    And drones, supposedly requiring a licence, but inevitably will be used for nefarious activities by the usual suspects.


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