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UKRAINE WAR: Some of the Best FPV Combat Footage You Will See



The horrors of war and the sheer exhilaration of being in a state of life and death are only too apparent in this combat footage. This is some of the best FPV combat footage we have seen, and the best part is it is on YouTube.

The war is currently contained in Ukraine, however it will no doubt leak Westwards towards the rest of the European continent, and a recent interview by Tucker Carlson with Vladimir Putin confirmed this.

The deranged rantings of Putin in the interview showed his true colours, where he claimed he will not attack Poland and Latvia next, but he of course claimed the same thing about Ukraine before attacking the country.

Best FPV Combat Footage

Watch this amazing combat footage, because it could be any European on the battlefield of the future, and Ukraine is just the beginning of something way bigger.

Many NATO countries are now thinking of bringing back compulsory conscription for all citizens, and even this may be a highly controversial subject it still has to be addressed simply because of the threats coming from countries like Russia and China.

The incredible bravery of the men and women fighting in the Ukrainian frontlines cannot be commended enough. This combat footage displays that very bravery and indomitable resistance against an enemy hell-bent on wiping the country of Ukraine off the map completely.

If the pampered Western civilians are to survive the next waves of war that will no doubt flow over them, they will have to toughen up and prepare for combat. There is no way of getting around this fact because the tyrants and dictators that seek more power and territory do not deem the West as a capable adversary, especially as they train their civilians for combat from birth. This kind of military thinking even amongst civilians is in deficit in the West.


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