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Prosecutors Charged Trump Because He is an “elderly man WITHOUT a poor memory.”

WASHINGTON D.C.- USA - In America, if you are an elderly with a poor memory, you get away with murder, but if you are an elderly man without a poor memory, you will be prosecuted.

You may wonder why one elderly man got off Scott free for the exact same offence another elderly man was tarred, feathered and severely prosecuted for? Apparently, the American justice system thinks it’s all down to memory. In other words, you can commit the most heinous crime in the world and the US justice system will let you off if you can’t remember it, but woe be tied if you have a sparkly clear mind, because then you’re in the shit.

Not only does it help if you are a senile old fucker, but it helps to parrot off entire baskets of lies written by the people who control your every word and move via tele-prompters and headphones.

The people controlling the Joe Biden cadaver have not only weaponised the Special Prosecutor’s office but many other governmental departments and judicial offices specifically to persecute and punish Donald J. Trump. This sort of subversion of governmental departments purely for electioneering purposes surely is a perversion of the entire system of government yet everyone seems to be turning a blind eye to it all.

But everything’s fine though, Joe Biden’s memory is actually okay, because he himself testified in front of the entire American nation that it’s okay. Who do we believe? Either Biden is a con man of genius proportions getting away with murder by pretending to have lost his mind, or he actually has lost his mind and the entire governmental apparatus is defending his cognitive decline by lying for the president.

The question is, if Biden has severe memory loss as the Special Prosecutor revealed, and he is a danger to everyone, why the fuck is he still president right now, let alone going for a second term?

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  1. Imagine that Trump was charged cuz he could still string a sentence together and had a clear mind. Sheeesh! WTF>IS>GOIN>ON?????????

  2. Yes you make a great point about who is in charge? Biden certainly aint. This is really scary cuz we dont know whats goin on behind closed doors in the White House. Could be Mickey Mouse or Daffy Duck for all we know. What if a general starts a nucelear war? They will just tell Biden to authorize it.

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