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Joe Biden Memory: “I Don’t Remember Pressing the Red Button”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The Joe Biden memory loss is so great that he did not even remember when he served as vice president or when his son, Bo died.

Sure, it’s a sad sight to see an old man lose his memory, but to see a US President who is being exploited by the people controlling him and his memory loss is even sadder. The Democrat Party is sick and truly evil for using poor old Joe Biden, who can’t even remember when he was Vice President or when his son Beau died. It is highly irresponsible for the Democrat Party to put forward Biden for another term in office because he is not only a danger to himself but to the entire nation and world. What we have here is severe Joe Biden memory loss.

What people have concerns with now, the Daily Squib had in 2021. Welcome to the party late, folks.

I don’t remember if I pressed the red button. I don’t remember ordering the nuclear strike,” a trembling Joe Biden would say from the White House bunker. No one would know he said those words because 99% of the population would be killed with a nuclear retaliation, either disintegrating in the initial fireball strikes or through radiation sickness and starvation.

Joe Biden, is a barely functioning individual who is supposedly in charge of the most powerful country in the fucking world. That is scary. Think about that for a second, if it was not for the people behind him making the decisions and controlling him he would do nothing, or do something very, very bad. Who is controlling Biden? That is another concern, we do not know who it is, or who they are and what their fucking agenda is? What if some malicious evil woke people with an authoritarian agenda take over control — oh shit, they already have, haven’t they?

The worst part of this entire tragedy is that people actually voted for this guy simply because he was not Donald Trump. They could have put a pork chop up there as president, and it would have won, simply because it was not the orange bogey man.

If Joe Biden somehow finds himself with another term, he won’t know about it because every day for him is completely new, and he won’t even remember his first term, or anything else or that matter.

It is the evil Democrat Party who are using this old man so they can manipulate the vote, manipulate US policy and conduct a possible Neocon agenda to foment a war with Iran or China, or escalate the war with Russia. Joe Biden is innocent in all of this because he is being exploited and has no memory of any of it or knowledge of anything any more. He actually thinks he is US President and is making policy — that’s the saddest part.


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