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Incoherent Crazy Joe Biden Could Order Nuclear Strike On Russia in 5 Minutes

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Not in control, crazy Joe Biden could order a nuclear strike on Russia at any time.

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“I don’t know what I’m doing man half the time, or where I am! Jibbu doo boo pzeeeeep!” Biden told CNN reporters before falling down some stairs head first. It’s a scary thought that the red button is just a press away, especially with a demented senile crazy old fart like Joe Biden. From Biden’s orders to commit a nuclear strike on Russia, the time elapsed would only be 5 minutes.

5 minutes to launch

After being patched through to the Pentagon’s deputy director of operations, the head of all U.S. strategic nuclear forces at Strategic Command in Omaha would also be in line to take the launch order.

The Biscuit

The senior Pentagon officer in the ‘war room’ then reads a ‘challenge code,’ often two phonetic letters from the military alphabet, such as “Alpha-Lima.” Then Biden retrieves the ‘biscuit’, a laminated card the president or military aide carries at all times, and finds the matching response to the challenge code: “Sierra-Bravo,” and everything is set to go.

Meanwhile, clinically insane Biden and his ‘yes men’ Democrat voting generals will be whooping their fists in the air as an encoded and encrypted message 150 characters long is transmitted to all nuke sites around the globe. By this time, only three minutes will have passed since the beginning of the process.


Once all the silo sites and nuclear submarines receive the final order to launch, approximately five minutes will have passed. By then all Intercontinental ballistic missiles have been launched, there is no going back.

Five minutes have passed from the delirious, insane mess that is Joe Biden from committing the globe to mutually assured destruction. Half the time clueless Biden does not know what he is saying even when he is reading from his script, and he does not know what he is doing.

All it will take is a few Pentagon officials and generals intent on war to convince Biden to commit to a nuclear strike. If Biden is not even capable of finishing his sentences, and is not aware of his whereabouts or why he is somewhere, he is effectively putty in the hands of clever scheming officials who basically tell Biden what to do at every moment of his day.

“We have to tell Joe where to walk, where to sit, what to say, and we have to empty his nappy when it gets too full. Much of the time Mr. Biden does not realise where he is, so we have to tell him, and everything he says in public is heavily scripted. There are multiple rogue Pentagon sharks swimming around him at all times. They just have to tell him stuff, anything, and he will believe it without question. He is effectively such an easy prey to toy with that I say he would definitely agree to a full nuclear strike on Russia if told to by his so-called ‘trusted’ Pentagon officials,” a military psychiatrist revealed.

It’s only a matter of time before Biden commits to a full nuclear strike on Russia. Enjoy your time alive while you still can.


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