Government Needs to Concentrate on Purging Left-Wing Woke Marxists From Education System

OXFORD - England - Marxist wokism and the EU-centric curriculum must be changed in all educational institutions or Britain will suffer.

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As Covid-19 wanes from the agenda, the British government needs to contain another growing virus that is increasing in strength every day — Marxist Wokism.

This communist ideology of Wokism, a severe form of political correctness, has infected all educational institutions. Fuelled by the EU and communist China, it is creating children and young adults from Higher Education that are militant communist cannon fodder, brainwashed to levels unseen in many years.

Youth should be somehow directed towards a stance of not following these malevolent communist ideologies blindly, to make reasoned choices for themselves and to think for themselves.

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Educational establishments must follow a curriculum of reasoned political understanding encompassing all ideologies, and the biased militant ‘revolutionary’ Marxist implants as teachers and lecturers should be removed from all establishments. Yes, people can still learn about Marxism and other radical theories however this should be tempered by other ideologies, and with an unbiased educational philosophy.

The EU is paying huge amounts of money per year to infiltrate and subvert Britain’s children indoctrinating schools and universities into the Soviet collectivist machinations of the European Union. We should be teaching children about the greatness of British history, the Empire and democracy. Of course, world affairs, history and culture should not be ignored either, because Britain under Brexit is now fully loaded to look outward once again and is not as restrained by the EU any more.

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Tony Blair once said “Education, education, education!” and even though he is a conniving warmongering middle of the road Marxist he was correct in the assumption of education being a key component in national strategy right from kindergarten to university.

Boris Johnson needs to make education now a serious priority, not only in changing the current EU-centric curriculum but in ploughing more money into classrooms and other educational institutions supporting a more British outlook and syllabus.

It may now take another two or three generations to reclaim the UK’s youth from the jaws of Marxist Wokism, but now is the time to start. If nothing is done, the fractured demoralization of our nation will continue to benefit Britain’s enemies exponentially — a virus equal to Covid-19.