Instagram Influencer Posts Update Whilst Being Eaten by Shark

GREAT BARRIER REEF - Australia - Josh Noah a 23-year-old Instagram Influencer updated his account live whilst being eaten alive by a shark on Sunday.

Great white shark Instagram influencer

Josh Noah, 23, a prominent Instagram influencer with over 3 million subscribers, heroically managed to post an update to his account whilst being eaten alive by a Great White shark off the coast of Australia on Sunday.

instagram shark attack

Mr Noah then proceeded to post further updates to the account, including one where the shark took his remaining leg, and his right arm.

Luckily, he was holding his phone in his left-hand, so he could update his subscribers on his current status. His dedication to being an Instagram Influencer was truly unparalleled.

Eventually, the updates ended.

Australian coastguards trawled the area where the Instagram Influencer was last seen, however only recovered a half-eaten boogie board.

Coastguard chief, Alf Nolan, commended Mr Noah on his bravery.

“He was updating his Instagram right up to the end. Even when this poor bastard only had a left arm left, he was tapping away on that phone. We are currently looking for a 25 ft Great White shark which was witnessed stalking the shoreline by several people.”

Noah’s last tweet before the Great White shark ate the rest of him was in praise of his sponsor of the day, a fashion outlet selling swim shorts for men, inviting his subscribers to purchase some purple swim shorts for $34.99.