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Why Food Costs Increasing? ESG, EU, WEF Climate Agenda War on Farmers

LONDON - England - You may wonder why food costs are increasing? Well, that's because of the war on farmers by ruthless climate change zealots.

Wonder why your food costs are getting higher and higher? You can blame the WEF, EU, ESG and Climate Change zealots who are conducting an economic war on farmers punishing them through increased regulation, taxation and costs making their operations more expensive. The EU and US Biden administration want people to eat maggots and insects, they do not want you to eat vegetables, meat or dairy which utilises traditional farming techniques which they deem as unsustainable and bad for the environment.

This is why French farmers are rioting right now, and food costs are increasing daily.

In America, the people who are running the Biden administration have committed to cutting America’s greenhouse gas emissions by 50–52 percent by 2030 and to reach economy-wide net-zero emissions by 2050.

Farmers are now deemed as the enemy and fundamental cause of climate change, specifically the farming of animals is an area that will have to be eradicated. This is being achieved by artificially increasing the prices of fertiliser, animal feed and punishing farmers with over regulation and other discriminatory high costs. The goal is to either put traditional farmers out of work or inhibit their operations to minimal functionality.

The people who are controlling the Biden administration have already started implementing stringent regulatory policies meant to cut carbon emissions from America’s energy industry, while a looming final rule on ESG reporting, due to enter into force in April 2024, threatens to push carbon compliance onto other industries.

Small insects – Big impact! EU authorises insects as food

The EU has already mandated plans for the general populace to eat insects and maggots for their protein, but this will of course not apply to EU officials and politicians, who will retain some select organic farms so they can dine on the finest filet mignon and organically produced vegetables and fruit.

“This is Net Zero, you will eat insects, bugs and maggots while we dine on the finest organic produce, which you will not be able to afford, or will not be allowed to consume. Remember, Net Zero means zero carbon, and you as a peasant or feudal slave are the major carbon producing problem. I will enjoy my steak and potatoes, and you will have a fucking few maggots. This is climate change and you are the cause. This is a War on Farmers! Now enjoy yourself, you fucking peasant scum!” an unelected EU Commission autocrat quipped from a 5-star Michelin restaurant in Brussels on Friday.

All of these issues of course stem from one single problem — overpopulation. If the globe was so needlessly overpopulated, then many would not be forced to eat fucking bugs and maggots in the future.

Insect propaganda is rife on TV now, and here is an example of the type of propaganda that is being pushed by the BBC:

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