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Paedophilia Being Normalised by LGBTQ Paedophiles

MADRID - Spain - A recent LGBTQ parade included young underage children in lingerie, makeup and bondage gear. This is possibly due to the normalisation of paedophilia.

The incessant march towards normalisation of paedophilia is all too evident in the clip below, with half-naked underage children being paraded in the streets wearing suspenders, make-up and waving LGBTQ rainbow flags.

The aim of normalising paedophilia is to add a ‘P’ to the end of LGBTQ (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, paedophile). For a long time the LGBTQ community have been promoting paedophilia and are now desperately trying to be inclusive of the paedophile community.

Within the LGBTQ movement, there are many homosexual men who desire young boys for sex, and they seem to be frustrated that they are not fully represented in the ‘inclusive’ nature of the LGBTQ group. This is why they are now making an issue about it with parades of young children in bondage and lingerie gear.

They have pretty much normalised transexuals, therefore the next logical step for this section of society is to normalise paedophilia.


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