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Transgender People Label Country of Peru as “Mentally Ill”

LIMA - Peru - Transgender people are outraged at being labelled as "mentally ill" and are now saying that the entire country is "mentally ill" instead of them.

After a new law was passed by the Peruvian government, classifying transgender people as “mentally ill” transgender and LQBTQP+ people are fighting back by classifying the entire country of Peru as “mentally ill”.

The move has prompted a fierce backlash in a society where gender and LQBTQP+ rights have been under sustained assault in recent years and where there are high levels of homophobic, transphobic and gender violence.

In one recent move, lawmakers banned references to gender equality from school textbooks. That has had a devastating effect on classes, where LGBTQP+ people have rioted in the classrooms.

Led by trans activist Janice Ballsax, a gay man who wears female clothes and identifies as a non-binary one-legged lesbian female dung beetle from Namibia, the movement now labels the entire country of Peru as a mentally ill place where mental illness is everywhere.

“They’re calling us crazy, when clearly we are saner than a box of frogs. I put it to the government of Peru, you people are whacko because…er…you just are okay, because we say so and there’s nothing you can do about it…erango, lasmassun, pino, pino, rectum!” Ms Janice Ballsax said whilst fashioning a large dog shit into a ball and rolling it around with his/her nose.

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