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Californian Trans Woman Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

LOS ANGELES - California - A trans woman has sadly been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Tragedy has struck Marjorie Benson, 58, from Los Angeles, California, who as a trans woman has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Misgender Misdiagnosis Outrage

“But, I am a woman, I cannot get prostate cancer. This is ridiculous, and I am going to complain to the doctors. I want a fourth opinion,” Mrs. Benson remarked after the diagnosis.

Many people in the Democrat run state were also shocked that a trans woman could receive such an erroneous diagnosis.

“Marjorie is a woman, she identifies as a woman, therefore there is no doubt in my mind that she does not have something that only men get. This is ridiculous, the prognosis is simply wrong. Maybe the docs mistook Marjorie’s womb as a prostate or something,” Caitlin Jamboree, another trans woman, revealed.

Dr Michael Scheisse, MD, head cancer doctor at Sherman Neumann Hospital in LA, was adamant that Marjorie received the correct diagnosis.

“Well, Marjorie has a huge cock and a pair of hairy swingin’ balls, and a prostate. Even if we chopped off her cock and balls, she would still have a prostate. She also has a male skeletal structure, an Adam’s Apple and male chromosomes, but who am I to judge biology or science?”

Transexual women are advised to have their prostate’s checked every year, as early diagnosis of prostate cancer could save their lives.


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