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French Farmers and Insane EU Regulations Not a Good Mix

AGEN - France - French farmers have had enough of the insane EU regulations and punitive economic conditions. They are now revolting against the injustice of the entire system.


The EU has regulations for everything, and committees within committees where unelected mini-Hitlers and mini-Stalins create even more fucking regulations that are enforced crudely and with brute force. To the credit of the French farmers, they have had enough with the EU and appeasing French officials, and are protesting the heavy punitive EU regulations foisted upon them by conducting a siege of Paris.

“Soon the Parisian pigs will be eating rats to survive. We will continue making barricades and block the roots into the capital city,” an angry French farmer shouted.

Merde de cochon

As always, the French really know how to protest and make real changes to injustice. The Gilets Jaunes were a great example of this revolutionary energy.

Why can’t the British have the same fervour for revolt? Compared to France, the British are about as revolutionary as a tea shop party with scones.

The pliant and timid British eat up each indignity foisted upon them and simply shrug their shoulders before making another cup of tea. The French dump tonnes of pig manure onto government offices and rage like demons at the injustice they receive.

french farmers blockade paris

Une œuvre d’art

Watching the beautiful moment when liquid pig shit is sprayed into the local préfecture’s building is a joy to behold, a wonderful gesture of ultimate irreverence. The magnificent French are true artists when it comes to this sort of anarchic action, it is a form of art in itself, a movement of merde in the general direction of useless authorities and irrelevant officials making people’s lives a misery.


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