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Genshin Impact: Exploring Mechanics and Features of miHoYo’s Success

LONDON - England - This Chinese-made game is taking the world by surprise. Genshin Impact by miHoYo is truly a great success in the gaming world.

Studio miHoYo, which few people knew about before the release of Genshin Impact, has undoubtedly come to success. This was reflected in the recognition of gamers, awards received, and, of course, company profits. Now no one doubts that the Chinese are good at making not only electronics and other consumer goods but also quite decent video games.

The game has become so popular that at the same time there has been a sharp increase in genshin boost, which is provided by professional gamers. This service became popular because players realized that its use significantly saves players time and effort when passing and levelling up. At the same time, it has many benefits.

Get the best

pexels-yan-krukau-9072381 Prayers can be purchased in the in-game store for promotional gems, one of the types of Genshin Impact currency. A small number of promotional gems can be obtained for completing daily tasks, story quests, participating in events, and exploring the game world – activating portals and opening chests. Every 20 days, a banner is posted with a new hero, who can be guaranteed to be obtained for 80 summons and who is unavailable the rest of the time, until the banner is repeated. Purchasing promotional gems for a donation in the in-game store will cost just under $400. However, even an iconic legendary hero will not be fully revealed if you do not give him a signature – a native weapon made with the character in the same style and the most suitable parameters. The weapon banner hangs parallel to the hero banner. The mechanics of guaranteed receipt are the same. You probably already guessed that to get the weapon you want, you also need to spend money.


In single-player mode, the player controls a team of up to four characters, which he can instantly switch between. Each of the characters owns a certain element, and opponents receive the greatest damage when these elements interact. In co-op mode, in which you can take on challenges or explore the game world, there can be up to four characters on the map at the same time, each of which is controlled by a different player.

Guaranteed call

The player receives a couple of characters (Amber, Lisa, and Kaya) when completing the story campaign, and calls on the rest. Summoning new heroes in Genshin Impact is called Prayer and this is a real gacha, in the bad sense of the word. However, the developers met the players halfway and made it easier to obtain heroes: every 10 prayers guaranteed a four-star (epic) hero or weapon. Every 80 prayers (but can be more often) guarantee a five-star (legendary) hero or weapon.

Farm limitation

The ability to farm rewards from world bosses and in challenges is limited by the amount of Ancient Resin, of which a player can have no more than 160 units in reserve. Rewards for completing the test will cost 20 resin and for the boss – 40 resin. Some extra resin can sometimes be obtained in-game – purchased from a merchant or obtained through the Season Pass. During the day, the amount of Ancient Resin is gradually restored. And, surprise, the same rewards can be obtained by spending promotional gems.

Hero Equipment

In addition to weapons, a character can wear five artifacts, which ultimately determine his characteristics. The set, at first glance, is simple, but creating suitable artifacts with the necessary parameters is more difficult than it seems. As for the weapons presented, the set is quite unusual, like Genshin Impact itself – one-handed or two-handed swords, bows, catalysts (a magic ball or tome for magicians and healers), and spears. Yes, there are a lot of spearmen in the game, and the list of heroes is regularly updated with new ones. It is noteworthy that at the start of the project, only one heroine using a spear was presented in the game – Xiang Ling.

Connection with other projects

Collaborations are a common occurrence in video games, with characters from one franchise joining another. This also happened with Genshin Impact – all players had the opportunity to get the archer Aloy, the heroine of Horizon Zero Dawn. At the moment it is impossible to obtain it. But the developers gave the signature bow only to PS4 players who bought Horizon Zero Dawn. If you don’t have Elloy, don’t be upset: the heroine is frankly weak even with her signature, and at most, she can only serve as an additional damage dealer. Ke Qing, Fischl, and Raiden, the heroines of Genshin Impact, were added by the developers to their previous game – Honkai Impact 3rd.

Hope we were able to surprise you with some facts that you didn’t know about Genshin Impact. This is a game that has captured the hearts of millions of people and continues to grow its fan base. If you have never played this game, then we advise you to try it.

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