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Electric Vehicle Users Are Discovering a Technology That Surpasses Their Dreams

LONDON - England - Electric vehicle users are now discovering a revolutionary technology that far surpasses their current mode of transport.

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Electrical vehicle users across the globe are dumping their EVs for a technology that surpasses their wildest dreams. This phenomena may revolutionise the entire car industry forever. You may ask yourself what it could possibly be that trumps the almighty electric vehicle?

Well, imagine being able to refuel your road vehicle in a few minutes instead of 4–6 hours; imagine a vehicle that can be purchased at quarter the price of an EV, imagine a road vehicle that has a range of almost 6 times the distance of an EV in all weather conditions, imagine a vehicle that does not have to use environmentally damaging non-renewable rare earth elements to power it, imagine a vehicle that also weighs way less than an EV and has many mechanics on hand at all times to fix any problems that may arise way cheaper than any EV maintenance.

Yes, this revolutionary ‘thing’ is called the internal combustion engine, which is set to completely change the way we will travel. In fact, vehicle’s that utilise the internal combustion engine are now so much in demand that many people are simply dumping their electric cars in scrapyards where they are crushed and recycled, to be made into petrol powered vehicles.

If you are the sad owner of an electric vehicle, you made your mistake but it’s not too late for you. There is redemption at the end of the tunnel, and it’s a loud chugging internal combustion engine that if in v8 form purrs like a pussycat that just had a load of cream squirted inside it.

Put your pedal to the fucking metal and let that Mustang, or Aston Martin propel you through the streets with real power.

For now, the EV is dead, especially in the West, and that’s because the fucking Chinese can make electric cars by the trillion for about the cost of a can of Coke. Something no one in democratic countries can ever achieve because we don’t make cars utilising communist slave labour or have thousands of coal powered power stations in the manufacturing process pumping out millions of tonnes of pollution into the atmosphere daily.

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