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Hypocritical Youth Demand ‘Climate Action’ But Want Someone Else to Pay

TORONTO - Canada - A new study has revealed that the hypocritical 'climate action' youth are not willing to pay anything for it.

According to a new study, the hypocritical indoctrinated zealot younger generations demand ‘climate action’ but are unwilling to pay for it themselves. A new survey commissioned by CRC Research reveals that the hypocritical youth aged 18-34 are willing to spend less than $10 monthly to combat climate change.

Less than half (45%) of the youngest crop of voters aged 18-34 would be willing to spend $10 or less per month to combat climate change, according to a recent survey by CRC Research for 85 Fund.

And one out of five (20%) in the same age bracket responded that they would not pay anything at all, according to the poll results.


This shows the rank hypocrisy of the new breed of climate change zealots who have been indoctrinated from kindergarten on the new climate religion.

These people are prepared to plunge the developed world into extreme poverty and basically turn back the clock to the Stone Age with their parroted rhetoric and indoctrination on climate change but are unwilling to pay for it directly.

It’s okay to dine on avocado on toast every day with the knowledge that avocados have to be shipped half the way around the world pumping out vast quantities of carbon emissions and using fossil fuels to be put in supermarkets for their consumption.

The hypocritical virtue signalling youth are completely indoctrinated in ‘climate anxiety’ but are bereft of the actual costs that are involved in their climate crusade.

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