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Nigerian Police Brutality Protests Results in More Police Brutality

LAGOS - Nigeria - Nigerian police brutality on unarmed civilians who were peacefully protesting against police brutality were shot at with live ammunition.

Fun Times in Wuhan Water Park This Summer

WUHAN - China - The city from where COVID-19 was created and distributed across the globe, is now a place of joy with a water park.

BLM and ANTIFA Riots Simply Another Symptom of Overpopulation

LONDON - England - The think tank for 'Global Population Control' postulates that the current BLM and ANTIFA riots are a symptom of overpopulation.

Remembering the Days Before the Chinese Virus

LONDON - England - The Chinese Virus, COVID-19, may one day cause humanity to change its ways, and not continue down the same path of destructive behaviour.

Why They Aren’t Spraying the Skies Any More

LONDON - England - Since the coronavirus pandemic has taken hold, the chemtrails have stopped. Why?

COVID-19: Europe and America Decimated – Africa, India, South America, S.E....

LONDON - England - The COVID-19 virus seems to be targeting the industrialised nations opposed to the Third world developing nations.

The Age of Reason: How Coronavirus Could Save Planet Earth

GEORGIA - USA - An urgent communiqué from a secretive internationalist group called The Aquarian Dawn describes the coronavirus pandemic.

PANDEMIC – How to Survive

LONDON - England - Surviving a global pandemic is all about the right preparation, and correct decisions made as situations change.

Happy Chinese New Year – Coronavirus to Spread Even Further With...

BEIJING - China - The deadly coronivirus, which is spread human to human, will spread further during the Chinese New Year mass migration.

Overpopulation: People Living in Tiny Capsules

CALIFORNIA - USA - Failing to act on overpopulation is now leading to young people being indoctrinated to be happy to live in tiny capsules in the West.
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