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Will the Masters Rebuild the Georgia Guidestones?

GEORGIA - USA - Internal terrorist vandals have desecrated the Georgia Guidestones. Will it be rebuilt?

What Brexit? Immigration Rising at Record Rate

LONDON - England - Despite Brexit promises to lower overall immigration, the government has reneged on its promise and let in hundreds of thousands of migrants.

Hmm, What Does Bill Gates Know About the Next Pandemic That...

LONDON - England - Waiting at a bus stop, the subject of Bill Gates comes up in conversation with a stranger.

Nigerian Police Brutality Protests Results in More Police Brutality

LAGOS - Nigeria - Nigerian police brutality on unarmed civilians who were peacefully protesting against police brutality were shot at with live ammunition.

Fun Times in Wuhan Water Park This Summer

WUHAN - China - The city from where COVID-19 was created and distributed across the globe, is now a place of joy with a water park.

BLM and ANTIFA Riots Simply Another Symptom of Overpopulation

LONDON - England - The think tank for 'Global Population Control' postulates that the current BLM and ANTIFA riots are a symptom of overpopulation.

Remembering the Days Before the Chinese Virus

LONDON - England - The Chinese Virus, COVID-19, may one day cause humanity to change its ways, and not continue down the same path of destructive behaviour.

Why They Aren’t Spraying the Skies Any More

LONDON - England - Since the coronavirus pandemic has taken hold, the chemtrails have stopped. Why?

COVID-19: Europe and America Decimated – Africa, India, South America, S.E....

LONDON - England - The COVID-19 virus seems to be targeting the industrialised nations opposed to the Third world developing nations.

The Age of Reason: How Coronavirus Could Save Planet Earth

GEORGIA - USA - An urgent communiqué from a secretive internationalist group called The Aquarian Dawn describes the coronavirus pandemic.

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