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The Modern Sickness: Cheap Air Travel

LONDON - England - Gone are the days of exclusive air travel, cheap air travel is the modern sickness and disease infecting everything.

Once upon a time, air travel used to be an exclusive thing; these days it is not, every Joe and their uncle can afford to fly, and this is the crux of the modern disease. When you’re getting every Joe and their uncle in aeroplanes, you are getting the mentally ill, the moronic, the vulgar unclean masses all up at 30,000 feet, and it all can be a recipe for disaster.

Cheap air travel

Unless you are flying first class or even business class these days, the sheer indignity of being put in cattle or baggage class is a terrible punishment that no one with any standards should have to go through. The only problem is the fucking price of flying with any sort of dignity, or away from the mentally ill marauding horde stuck in cattle class. The worst offender for mental gymnastics is of course any sort American airline company. The US population has the highest level of psychos, whackos, sickos and fuckos in the world. Any sort of person going onto planes and shouting their heads off or causing a general ruckus over some trivial thing or imaginary thing is what people in cattle class have to deal with.

Look at this video of a woman who sincerely believes that a person in the back of a plane is an imaginary person, or does not exist, or is an apparition of an imaginary person that does exist, or whatever the fuck is going on in her deranged frazzled miniscule brain.

It is better not to travel than to have to be around the fucking riff-raff allowed to travel these days. As for European travel, the worst sort of people are found on these cheap flights, from British tourists from Northern England going on their cheap booze up package holiday in some Spanish meat grinder fuck hole, or nutters who get the idea to suddenly open the doors of the aircraft at 25,000 feet. You have the yobbos, the thugs, slags, football chanting hive mind violent morons, and all the other detritus from some of the shittiest parts of Britain and Europe all stuck in one stinking plane journey. All of these scummy pieces of shit decided they should travel at the same time, and in reality, yes the doors should be opened up at 5,000 feet and each and every one of them jettisoned into the ocean below without a parachute.

Here is a vintage Air France advertisement showing off their food, from a bygone era.

air2 food

If you cannot afford to travel, you should not be allowed onto a plane. The same goes for having kids, but that’s another story altogether.

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