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Global Population Crisis Hit With 8 Billion

LONDON - England - The global population will hit 8 billion humans next week, and 8.5 billion by 2030.

Imagine the beautiful meadows of Medieval Britain, the gentle flowing brooks and wildflowers blowing in the warm summer breeze.

The entire European population in 1100 was 65 million. In Britain alone, there were only 3 million people throughout the entire island in the year 1300.

Fast-forward today to the year 2022, and the global population is set to hit 8 billion humans. Overpopulation, the nightmare of overcrowding, and the complete decimation of finite resources has left the earth an overcrowded cesspit of contaminated rubbish.

Not only does over breeding cause misery, pollution, terrorism, war and perdition, it causes irreparable damage to the environment.

City pollution.

Rats in a stinking barrel, shoulder to shoulder, there is no room to breathe, there is no room to fucking do anything. The cities full to the brim, traffic fumes hang over everything and plastic rubbish infiltrating every zone, every facet, every part of life.

Microplastics in fish, in food and even in the wombs of women, is this the way of the future?

Drink up your chemicals, your Bisphenol A, ingest your microplastics in a world of defecation.

Meanwhile, imagine the purity of the water and air previous humans enjoyed before the deluge. The planet may never see, taste, or feel that ever again.

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