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Idiots Surprised COPOUT26 Ends in Failure

GLASGOW - Scotland - Another useless COPOUT26 climate change conference has ended in abject failure. Is that a surprise to anyone?

Greta Thunberg Silent as China Starts Up 53 Massive Coal Power...

BEIJING - China - The Chinese communist state has fired up 53 coal power stations, creating untold amounts of damage to the atmosphere.

Remember When the Earth Was So Fresh and New

ELYSIUM - What used to be paradise is now a desecrated earth, plundered and mutilated for Millennia, a dystopian tragedy.

Why the Mass Tourism Industry Needs to Fail

LONDON - England - The mass tourism industry is a blight on the earth and thanks to the Covid Pandemic will hopefully fail.

Reasons to NEVER Eat Food From China or Chinese Restaurants

LONDON - England - Food imported from China and consumed at Chinese restaurants and supermarkets in the West can be seriously detrimental to your health.

Why Doesn’t Greta Thunberg Go and Speak to the Chinese About...

BRISTOL - England - Whilst preaching to the converted, Greta Thunberg is not achieving anything in fighting global pollution or climate change, she needs to go to China and India.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Reveal How They Will Reduce Carbon...

SICILY - Italy - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have revealed how they plan to reduce their carbon emissions by flying around the globe in their taxpayer paid private jet bringing awareness to ordinary people.

Why Climate Activists Do Not Address China, India, USA Pollution

LONDON - England - The UK is not even on the map for global pollution, yet Extinction climate activists are ignoring China, India and the USA.

Abortion May Be Unsavoury But World Needs More Urgently

LONDON - England - Countries worldwide need to increase the proliferation of abortion, sterilisation, contraception to combat overpopulation, pollution and poverty.

GUANABARA BAY: Brazil Olympic Sewage Event Highlights

RIO DE JANEIRO - Brazil - Raw sewage continues to pour into Guanabara Bay in Rio which is hosting the Olympic triathlon, sailing and marathon swimming events at the Games.

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