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Just Stop Oil: ‘3,092 Operating Coal-fired Power Plants in China’

LONDON - England - Whilst Just Stop Oil ignores the globes heaviest polluters, it is punishing the tiny island of Britain.

“Hello, I am a Just Stop Oil moron. My organisation of rich kids and hypocrites are all a bunch of cowards who do not dare address the real global polluters like China/India or the USA. There are a total of 3,092 operating coal-fired power plant units in China. As of January 2023, the province of Shandong, which lies to the south of Beijing, houses the greatest number of coal power plants, at over 400 units. Datang Tuoketue is the largest operational coal power plant by capacity in China. The power station is located in Inner Mongolia and at 6.7 gigawatts is also the largest coal power plant in the world.

“At Just Stop Oil, we are a bunch of complete morons and this is why we completely ignore the real polluters of the earth and because the UK, a tiny island, is an easy touch, we are concentrating on disrupting this miniscule country instead. Our cowardice is exemplified by the fact that we are scared shitless of protesting in places like China, which is ruled by the brutal communist party CCP. Despite our Marxist beliefs, we are afraid of being thrown in a Chinese jail and brutally beaten with electric batons until we bleed out of our fucking eyes, as is the usual practice in China.

“New analysis shows that China’s CO2 emissions grew 4% in the first quarter of 2023, compared with a year earlier. This means first-quarter emissions were the highest on record, exceeding the previous peak reached in the first three months of 2021. But, that is of no consequence to us at Just Stop Oil. We ignore such statistics because we support China, and all Just Stop Oil lemmings are proud communists.

“If Britain were to completely disappear today, it would make no difference to global carbon emissions and pollution because countries like China would continue spewing millions of tonnes of shit into the atmosphere. Thank you for reading this. I am the spokesperson for Just Stop Oil, and I approve of our cowardly tactics in the inconsequential UK. We hope to disrupt ambulances reaching hospitals and urgent journeys in London as long as we can virtue signal to our shit stain dingleberry Marxist supporters to disrupt your capitalist ways before we return to mama and papa in our Chelsea fucking mansions.”

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