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Harry and Meghan Offered Air Force 552 After Air Force One Snub

MONTECITO - USA - Joe Biden refused a request by Harry and Meghan to fly on Air Force One after the Queen's funeral.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were snubbed by Joe Biden after the Queen’s death when they demanded they take a trip on Air Force One back to the USA from the UK.

Things have not been going well for the entitled, spoiled couple who demand to be treated like royalty despite not doing anything royal.

The egotistical Sussexes have been ostracized by the Emmys and have lost their Spotify contract in recent months. Additionally, they have encountered significant setbacks at Netflix, and were reportedly blackballed by Joe Biden.

After the Queen’s funeral, Harry and Meghan demanded a ride with Joe Biden back to the US in Air Force One – but had their request refused.

Instead of Air Force One, the couple were offered a decrepit old aeroplane with parts literally falling off the wings and fuselage.

“We offered the two grifters, Air Force 552 instead of Air Force One. There was only one parachute and it had large moth balls in it. There is no toilet on the plane, and it stinks of bird shit because the birds have been nesting in it for over 50 years,” a U.S. Air Force spokesman revealed.

Naturally, the duo refused to go on Air Force 552, instead opting for a UK taxpayer funded private jet trip costing $3.5 million back to their 16 room mansion in Montecito.

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