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Robert De Niro to Star as Donald J. Trump in New Scorsese Movie

NEW YORK - USA - Epic, legendary Hollywood actor Robert De Niro is set to star in a Martin Scorsese movie about Donald Trump.

“Marty calls me up, he says he’s got some fresh Netflix cash. I say, yeah. He says we gonna make a movie about that piece of strunz trash Trump. I say yeah. He says I’m in as the jamook Trump himself. I say fuck me stronzate, I don’t know if I can do it. That’s a tall order playin’ that piece of shit cafone pucchiacha. Let me speak to my associates, I tell him. Meanwhile, that motherfucker Trump’s rotting in Rikers with the mulignans, he deserves a Moe Green special,” Robert De Niro recalled whilst being interviewed by Entertainment Daily News.

Another Oscar

Just like his epic role in Raging Bull, De Niro will have to put on some pounds to play Trump. The celebrated actor will also have to wear a wig and have extensive makeup to look like Mr. Trump.

Martin Scorsese also wants to cast Joe Pesci as the crooked Trump lawyer and fixer, Cohen, but this detail still has to be agreed upon.

Who’s going to play Stormy Daniels? The balls still out in the court for that one. It may be hard to find a Hollywood actress with “big enough tits to play the role” Scorsese told the New York Times.


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