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Coutts Bank Dumps Customer Because He Owns a British Flag

THE EU - Coutts bank dumps customer because they owned a British flag once and are proud of their country and its history.

Being proud of your own country and displaying any sign of patriotism is a crime that must be punished by EU centric bank Coutts.

There is no ‘N’ in Coutts (yet…) 

One of the EU Stasi agents who has infiltrated the bank is a staunch Remainer and is in charge of private clients.

Ihre Papiere bitte

“If you do not hold Soviet EU values zen ve vill cancel your account. YOUR PAPERS ARE NOT IN ORDER!!! Ein Britisher Schweinhund ve haff found out he iz a British patriot and is proud of his own country. He vos shown to have owned a Britisher flag! Zis iss ein fuckin’ crime because at Coutts ve are only for the EU unelected EU Commission Commissars and European Central Bank which is modelled on the Soviet Russian Gosbank. Ve haff taken over your Britisher Scheisse bank. Himmel!” Senior EU Coutts Stasi Ordnungspolizei Agent, Camilla Stowell told Euronews.

Coutts bank used to be a British bank, but has now been infiltrated by EU Stasi agents who are dumping anyone who is a British patriot; have ever owned a Union Jack flag, attended the Proms at any time or have ever stood up during the national anthem. If you had the gall to actually support Britain breaking away from the Soviet EU bloc and its totalitarian unelected EU Commission Politburo, then your Coutts bank is definitely up for termination.

“Ve are votching you allen ze timen zie. If your papers are not in order unt you love your own country instead of ze EU, ve vill find you and rooten you outen!!! Schwein! Look vot ze EU supporting banks did to Liz Truss unt Nigel Farage! Zis is ein vorning!” Stowell added, before taking out a pair of pliers to pull out a customer’s teeth because the poor sod dared to vote for Brexit in 2016 and supports democracy.


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