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Liz Truss Quits After Remainer Coup

LONDON - England - Liz Truss has quit her premiership after just 44 days after a remainer coup to topple her growth economy budget.

After just 44 days in office as PM, Liz Truss will go down in history as the shortest serving premier in British history.

She was taken down for daring to try to lower taxes and create a growth economy, which is against anything the Remoaners and enemies of Britain in charge want. Brexit Britain must be a total failure and a miserable place to live, and a successful Britain frightens the shit out of the EU and Joe Biden’s anti-British administration.

Dared to Cut Tax

Unfortunately for Truss, she bit off more than she could chew and when the monsters came out of the shadows for her head, she gently laid her neck out on the block and let the fuckers have their way. Not much of a leader, and no bollocks, she had no chance against the vultures.

Having another leadership contest is a ridiculous outcome, and if the Tories had any guts left, they would call a general election right now.

Fair lady, we bid you farewell.

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