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Left Wing Remainer Coup of Government Was Long Planned

LONDON - England - The left wing remainer Westminster blob has been successful in derailing and undermining the Brexit government.

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The Daily Squib always contends that it is nigh on impossible to have a functioning Conservative government when the entire structure and system behind it is socialist. The Whitehall civil servants, the NHS, the unions, the social care system, the majority of the media, and of course the champagne socialist bankers. Lest we forget the power of the various cohorts of the parliamentary  opposition. Naturally, along with their allegiance to socialism and Marxism, they are also Remainers.

The ousting of Boris Johnson was the beginning of the remainer coup, a blood-curdling exercise that extracted the PM from his job with meticulous efficiency over a mere triviality. The Westminster left wing remainer blob was now well on its way to creating a power vacuum within government to eventually drop their people in. Implants from Labour into the Tory government are many, and every day they sow their seeds of chaos and disinformation to fracture the party further.

The remainer markets, controlled by vast sums of money from Brussels, and evil socialists like Soros dictated what happened to Liz Truss’s government. Along with the remainer Bank of England, the market reaction to Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini budget of growth and low taxes soon saw off the new Chancellor. The anti-British Biden administration also played a role in undermining Britain.This was a defining moment for the remainers, and they slotted in one of their own, namely Jeremy Hunt.

There is a great fear from Brussels and the Biden administration that Brexit Britain can be successful in any way, or God forbid have low taxes. This is why they will go to any lengths to sow the seeds of discord and chaos to undermine Britain and thwart a successful Brexit.

Liz Truss was now completely capitulated of power, a lame duck PM without a duck house to fart in. Chancellor Hunt is now firmly in charge, and has ordered the purging of all right wing Brexiteers from the Cabinet. This is why we saw the exit of Suella Braverman from her role at the Home Office today, and the tempestuous brawls with the Chief Whip during the fracking vote.

As for Brexit, it all seems a distant memory now; Nigel Farage is nowhere to be seen, Boris is in America plundering the speech circuit to fill his boots off rich Americans, and meanwhile in Brussels the unelected autocrats at the EU Commission are joyously smiling with absolute glee.

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