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SUPPORT SATIRE: The Daily Squib Book Receives its First Review

LONDON - England - A brief communiqué from the Daily Squib HQ regarding our first book review.

Wow, hit me with a smelly kipper, the Daily Squib book has received its first review on Amazon, and it’s a stonker…not a stinker (unlike the kipper). Being a satirical non-pc author in a world that has been overtaken by the unforgiving humourless pc woke mob is pretty, pretty hard. Because of the ongoing hacker attacks on this site, we cannot have a subscription form for making a mailing list therefore our resources are limited.

The Daily Squib Anthology From 2007 to 2022 attempts to transcend all of the nonsense and idiocy of the millennium with even more nonsense and idiocy. Give it a go, at best if you are triggered by it, you can use the pages as toilet paper seeing as it is now so expensive with the cost of living crisis and all that bumf.

Check out the review here

The Daily Squib book is now also available on Amazon.com for our International readers. Please support the Daily Squib and satire. Support the dying art of satire in this cold woke humourless world of communistic pc hell, may the gods of satire and fortune shine down on you from upon high.

Difficile est saturam non scribere

It is difficult not to write satire

Juvenal (100 AD)

  Daily Squib Book

  DAILY SQUIB BOOK The Perfect Gift or can also be used as a doorstop. Grab a piece of internet political satire history encapsulating 15 years of satirical works. The Daily Squib Anthology REVIEWS: "The author sweats satire from every pore" | "Overall, I was surprised at the wit and inventedness of the Daily Squib Compendium. It's funny, laugh out loud funny" | "Would definitely recommend 10/10" | "This anthology serves up the choicest cuts from a 15-year reign at the top table of Internet lampoonery" | "Every time I pick it up I see something different which is a rarity in any book"
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The definitive book of Juvenalian satire and uncanny prophesies that somehow came true. This is an anthology encompassing 15 years of Squib satire on the internet compiled and compressed into one tiddly book. Buy the Book Now!

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