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British RAF Pilots Training Chinese Air Force Honoured by Xi Jinping

BEIJING - China - Chinese communist supreme leader Xi Jinping has honoured the British pilots who are now training PLA pilots to attack Britain.

“Today we are honouring the British RAF pilots who are traitors to their own country by teaching our PLA Chinese pilots how to defeat the Western adversaries. We pay these treasonous Brits to not only reveal valuable military information, but to train our pilots on the best way to defeat the British and American enemy aircraft in combat situations. Thank you. The Chinese Communist Party is indebted to your revealing of UK military state secrets and tactics. When we attack Taiwan soon, we will be fully prepared to shoot down your pitiful UK and US jets,” supreme Chinese Communist leader Xi Jinping stated at the CCP’s National Congress on Monday.

It seems MI5, MI6 and the MoD have been caught sleeping on the issue of British pilots committing high treason by training the enemy on how best to kill us.

The pilots have experience on fast jets and helicopters and come from across the military and not just the Royal Air Force. They have flown Typhoons, Jaguars, Harriers and Tornados. The pilots are actively transferring their knowledge to People’s Liberation Army pilots who will use it against the UK and US in a war.

Chinese communist leader Xi Jinping is a great fan of the pilots and will give them Chinese medals of honour for their dedication in exercising treason against the UK, as well as increasing the efficiency of the PLA in fighting wars against the West.

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