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Time is Running Out For Putin and Xi Jinping

MOSCOW - Russia - Under the Biden administration, the USA is a militarily crippled, divided nation ripe for the picking opportunity for Xi Jinping and Putin.

China Fed Taliban Vital U.S Intelligence Prior to Takeover

KABUL- Afghanistan - PLA intelligence from China aided the Taliban in securing the entire country from the fleeing Americans.

Xi Jinping Regrets His Covid-19 Virus Not Killed Enough People Worldwide

WUHAN - China - Xi Jinping has been hugely disappointed that not enough people globally have died from the Chinese engineered Covid-19 virus.

New China Directive: All Americans to Get Anal Swabs

SAN FRANCISCO - USA - Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered his subordinate, Joe Biden to force all American citizens to get anal swabs.

Xi Jinping Congratulates Trump on Contracting Chinese Virus

BEIJING - China - President Xi Jinping has congratulated Donald Trump on contracting the deadly Chinese Virus.

Xi Jinping Congratulates Chinese Virus on Job Well Done

BEIJING - China - President Xi Jinping has addressed the CCP to congratulate them for the COVID-19 Chinese Virus working on the rest of the world.

Chinese Virus Did Not Come From China Says Furious Chinese Leader

WUHAN - China - Chinese president, Xi Jinping has furiously denied the Chinese Virus came from China.

Xi Jinping: “Everything is Okay in China”

BEIJING - China - President XI Jinping has assured the world during a press conference that everything is okay in the coronavirus hit nation and there is nothing to worry about.

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