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China Fed Taliban Vital U.S Intelligence Prior to Takeover

KABUL- Afghanistan - PLA intelligence from China aided the Taliban in securing the entire country from the fleeing Americans.

There is a reason why the Taliban were always one or two steps ahead of the Americans and their hurried surrender of Afghanistan — China. With eyes on vast caches of mineral resources and rare earth materials necessary for high-end technological production, Afghanistan, holds untold natural resources just begging to be mined. Afghanistan holds between $1 trillion and $3 trillion in mineral wealth in underground reserves, including vast gold deposits and lithium that may be used to develop batteries for electric vehicles. For China, Afghanistan is a veritable treasure chest of opportunities to increase its already huge wealth, and production capabilities.

Worth trillions of dollars, the Chinese/Taliban mining deals, would not only fund a high-tech Taliban military but also provide opportunities for Chinese construction companies to build roads, motorways, hospitals and other infrastructure. The Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), will be solidly implemented into Afghanistan, as it is in Africa.

Chinese mining companies, closely tied to the CCP, will be given contracts from the Taliban and will be mining soon. The deals were conducted weeks ago when the sloppy Americans under the orders of incompetent Joe Biden were told to abandon and leave everything.

China has already stated, it will recognise the Taliban government, when all Western nations have refused to do so.

The Taliban were fed strategic intelligence, including times, and other crucial information related to the U.S withdrawal, by Chinese intelligence sources who have direct access to American classified information.

Because of Biden’s ties to Beijing, it is almost a certainty that he was informed by his Chinese controllers to capitulate without a fight. The CCP holds a treasure trove of Kompromat on corrupt Joe Biden, and his crack smoking son, Hunter, which they can release at any time, if he does not tow the line. In no uncertain terms, Biden is a valuable Chinese asset who can be used to undermine the USA from the inside.

As Western nations abandon Afghanistan, China is staying behind. China’s embassy never closed even during the chaos and mayhem left by the Americans.

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