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This is Not the End of Afghanistan But the Beginning

LONDON - England - As the media and Biden administration hails the departure of U.S. forces as the 'end of Afghanistan', they cannot be more wrong -- this is the beginning.

China Fed Taliban Vital U.S Intelligence Prior to Takeover

KABUL- Afghanistan - PLA intelligence from China aided the Taliban in securing the entire country from the fleeing Americans.

The Happy Happy World of the New Taliban 2.0

KABUL - Afghanistan - It doesn't get better than this for the triumphant Taliban 2.0. Gifted billions of dollars worth of military hardware and guns by the Biden administration.

U.S. Surrender: Heroin Production to Increase in Afghanistan

HELMAND - Afghanistan - Taliban heroin production is set to increase exponentially and supplied to the West, thanks to U.S. surrender.

Thank You, Joe! Prayers For Afghan Women Abandoned to their Terrible...

KABUL - Afghanistan - After the surrender by Lazy Joe Biden, Afghan women will be left to a terrible fate when all their previously found freedoms disappear.

Review: Joe Biden Airways First Class Lounge From Kabul, Afghanistan

KABUL AIRPORT - Afghanistan - Read this riveting review of the Joe Biden Airways First Class lounge, only just rolled out on the 15th August.

Thanks to Weak Biden Taliban Rule Afghanistan Once Again

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Thanks to the weak policies of Biden, the Taliban are already capturing vast swathes of Afghanistan once again.

Glenn Beck Birth Certificate Says He Was Born in Afghanistan

WASHINGTON DC - USA - In a remarkable turn of events in Capitol Hill, newly released documents have revealed that Glenn Beck is actually a member of the Taliban.

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